7.5" Large Cake Circle Edible Icing Sheet - Printing Service

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Once you place an order for this service, feel free to send the image you'd like printed, to our email address:

Now you can make your cakes come to life with your favourite images, photos and pictures.

This fun and easy way to decorate cakes is becoming more and more popular and we at Sugarshack are here to help.

Send a picture and let us do the rest. We’ll transfer your picture onto a 7.5" edible icing sheet and post it back to you. All you have to do is to peal it off and place it on your cake!

Suitable for 8" or larger round cakes. You do not need to send a circular picture, we will do that for you. Your image will need some room around the main subject, otherwise there may be some blank areas.

Simply email your image over to us: in the email note down what size you would like, and how you would like your image presented. All our icing sheets are Kosher.

Ingredients: cornstarch, corn syrup, cellulose, corn syrup solids, water, sugar, vegetable oil, gum Arabic, polysorbate 80, citric acid.

How to Apply Edible Image to Cakes?

If you require any help, do not hesitate to contact us.


1 A4 SHEET £10 (1 PICTURE)
1 A4 SHEET £15 (2 PICTURE)
1 CIRCLE £10 (7.5") 
6 CIRCLES £10 (7.5")
15 CIRCLES £10 (2.5") (1 PICTURE)
15 CIRCLES £15 (2.5") (2 PICTURE)
15 CIRCLES £20 (2.5") (3 PICTURE)
30 CIRCLES £12 (1.5") 


Please email the image in word format or .jpg Email :

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