Cake Star Push Easy Mini Cutters Lowercase Alphabet Set

SKU: CP-84862 ISBN: 5015462195282

Personalise your cakes for any occasion using the set of 26 Mini Lowercase Plunger Cutters from Cake Star.

Create names and messages using the Easy Mini Push Lowercase Alphabet Cutters by Cake Star.

This set of 26 cutters features one of every letter of the alphabet, great for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays..

The designs are perfect for topping off cupcakes as well as adding to larger cakes, either on top or to decorate tiers. You could even add them to cookies or cake pops for a decorative finish.

The cutters are extremely easy to use, even if you are a complete beginner and the product comes beautifully boxed with full instructions. The cutters themselves are made from high quality, food grade plastic and make a great gift as well as for your own use.

The cutters can be used with a wide variety of decorating mediums including: Sugarpaste/fondant, modelling paste, modelling chocolate, flower paste, and marzipan.

Instructions for use:

1. Roll your sugarpaste/fondant out to a thickness of 2-3mm on a firm, flat surface.

2. Holding the outside of the cutter disc, press the head of the cutter down through the sugarpaste until it cuts through the paste and touches the surface below. Twist the cutter side to side. This will ensure you have a really clean cut.

3. Press the top of the cutter down to add the embossed design.

4. Lift the cutter above the surface and press down the top to eject the sugarpaste.

Each letter measure approximately: 2cm..

Wash cutters before and after use.

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