JEM Roller Pad for Use with Cutters

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This Foam Roller Pad by JEM is a useful tool for getting a clean cut with a range of JEM and PME cutters.


The JEM Foam Roller Pad is designed for use with all JEM cutters and has a variety of different sized holes to accommodate the different sizes of cutters. This also means that the cutter will be held firmly in place when it is being rolled over so you can ensure a clean cut.

You can also use more than one cutter at the same time by placing the cutters on the foam roller, laying the fondant or florist paste over the cutters, and rolling over both of them together.

This roller pad is great for flower making, as the various shaped holes help with wired flowers and to shape calyxes, flower trumpets and much more. It is nice and firm, which also makes it perfect for frilling the edges of your petals using a ball tool, or making ruffles and frills.

The JEM foam rolling pad will also work with a wide range of PME cutters.

Instructions for use:
1. Insert the cutter into the appropriate hole in the roller pad. Place rolled out paste over the cutter and roll over with a rolling pin to cut out the shape. This will allow all the detailed markings from the cutter to be embossed onto the paste.
2. Release from cutter and a clean, clear cut will be achieved.
3. Use a scriber to gently lift the finished cut out from the cutter or mould if you are having trouble lifting it out with your fingers.

The roller pad is made from thick, high quality foam with 13 holes in various sizes.

The roller pad itself measures approximately: 185 mm x 190 mm

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