PME Lustre Spray - White 100ml

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Sugar paste & Gum paste
The lustre colour is extremely versatile and can be sprayed onto freshly rolled or dried paste, cut out shapes or complete cakes, the choice is yours.
If you are looking to create a wonderful Satin fabric effect suitable for drapes, swags and bows etc. then the Pearl Lustre is the answer. Plus don’t forget when it comes to themed cakes with snow effects Pearl Lustre will provide that touch of magic.
Gold, Silver and Bronze colours are great for all those classic occasions like, anniversaries, numbers and letters etc. and if you prefer your Silver colour to be more of a platinum shade then simply overspray with Pearl to achieve a brighter, whiter colour.

Lustre spray and Buttercream is a match made in heaven and a completely new experience, transforming cupcakes, gateaux and desserts in a way that wasn’t possible before. Play with colours like the Pink, Baby Blue, Red and Green for all those fun, trendy effects.

Chocolate & Candy

Chocolate with a touch of Gold is a complete luxury and used by chocolatiers to great effect something that can be easily achieved with a little help from Gold lustre spray.

Royal Icing
Lustre colour isn’t very often associated with this kind of icing but the introduction of lustre spray has totally re-written the rule book. The black lustre is amazing and can completely transform white icing into black.

Cookies & Cakes
We don’t very often think of spraying lustre directly onto baked or readymade cookies or cakes but basically why not, as it can really add something special.

How to use:
Always shake the can well before use.
Spray a uniform layer from a distance of approximately 15 - 20 cm (6 -8 in).
Spray lightly and evenly over desired area, adding layer by layer for a more intense finish.
It is always advisable to place your finished item into a box or protected area as this will contain the spray.
Like all spray colours a test spray is always a good idea.

IngredientsPropellants: (Butane E943a, Isobutane E943b, Propane E944), Ethyl Alcohol, Colouring (E171), Flavour

kosher - vegan - vegetarian 

Storage Conditions Store in a cool and dry place. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50°

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