Squires Kitchen

Squires Kitchen QFC Edible Glue 18g / 20ml

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Edible Glue is a ready-to-use (thick) liquid glue derived from natural plant gums

apply with a small brush on to sugarpaste flower petals, leaves etc, for attaching sugarpaste plaques or shapes to the cake and for various other sugarpaste modelling uses

PLEASE NOTE Squires are changing label design so could be either design shown (product is the same)

BBE normally at least 2-3 months

ingredients: water, preservative: acetic acid, thickening agent: Cellulose Gum E466

CMC (carboxy methyl cellulose) is a totally natural substance found in the stems of plants

does not contain nuts but produced in an environment where marzipan is also handled so we cannot guarantee free of any nut traces

dozens of applications but not recommended for sweet trees as polystyrene balls tend to absorb the water from the glue
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