Sugarflair Spectral Paste Colour - Bitter Lemon/Lime 25g [<>]

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Sugarflair Spectral Paste Colour - Bitter Lemon/Lime 25g

Sugarflair Spectral Paste Colours can be added or kneaded into sugar paste, fondant, buttercream, royal icing, marzipan, flower & modelling paste, pastry, and salt dough etc. 

Add a little at a time with a cocktail stick to build up your desired shade without changing the consistency of the product you are working with. 

Sugarflair food colouring is great for jazzing up your cake mix and cupcake decorations, and the range includes a vast array of vivid and pastel colours!

You can paint with these paste colours by adding a little water and using a small brush, although adding Sugarflair Rejuvenator Spirit works better for cake painting.

All Sugarflair Spectral Paste Colours are Nut Free, Gluten Free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Kosher certified by Kedassia

Humectant: Vegetable glycerine E422; E1520, E551, E102, E133

 E102, may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children

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